Mission & Vision

Genesis & Footprint

Young Canadians in Finance was founded by Paul Desmarais III and Michael Blickstead in 2006. The organization has chapters in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Washington, D.C. and London. Our members are young professionals (under 40) active in the private and public sectors with an interest in finance, economics, law and accounting.


To assist our members achieve a greater collective success and build a more competitive Canadian financial system.


Enable our members to take leading roles in their fields through service offerings that promote network building, inter-disciplinary education, active collaboration and career opportunities.


Past speakers

- Brian Mulroney

- Paul Martin

- John Snow 

- Frank McKenna 

- Hugh Segal

- Paul Volker

- Eric Siegel

- Thomas d'Aquino


Board of Director 

Michael Blickstead

Paul Desmarais

Michael Grantmyre

Philippe Johnson

Marc-Andre Nantais

Geneviève Provost

Cailtin Rose

Matthew Thomas