YCIF Mtl - Winter 2014 Newsletter

Date: Monday, February, 3rd 2014
Chapter: Montreal
Type: Organizational change

Upcoming Events

Be sure to take note and join us at the following events:

  • February 6th (12-2pm): Lunch series with Tullio Cedrashchi, former head of CN Investments Division. Hosted by BDC (5 Place Ville Marie)
  • February 20th (6-9pm): Wine tasting evening with Jean-Philippe Lefebvre, founder and President of the Rézin Sélection wine agency. Hosted by Fasken Martineau (Tour de la Bourse)
  • February 26th (6:30-9pm): YCIF presents the 90/90 Networking Experience. Location to be announced.
  • March 11th (7:30-9am): Breakfast series with Louis Morisset, the newly appointed President of l’Autorité des marchés financiers. Location to be announced.
  • March 27th (12-2pm): Lunch series with Pierre-Karl Péladeau, Chairman of the Board Quebecor Media Inc. and TVA Group Inc. as well as Chairman of the Board of Hydro-Québec. Hosted by Fasken Martineau (Tour de la Bourse)
  • April 16th (6:30-9pm): YCIF presents the 90/90 Networking Experience. Location to be announced.


Special Announcements

  • After a number of years as a valued member of the Montreal Chapter Executive Committee, Carl Magnan of Deloitte has stepped down.
  • Eleonore Derome of McCarthy a long-time, devoted member of the Montreal Chapter is also stepping down from the Executive Committee. Going forward, Eleonore will focus her efforts in further developing the burgeoning Women’s Initiative.
  • Erin Opolko of Desjardins Securities, an active member of the Chapter has also stepped down from the Women’s Initiative.

Thanks to Carl, Eleonore and Erin for their valued contributions and continued support of the organization!

  • As of January 1st, Louis-Philippe Edger of Deloitte and Michèle Lefaivre of McCarthy have joined the Executive Committee of the Montreal Chapter.
  • Dominique Vignet of Eterna Investment Management has joined the Montreal Chapter’s Women’s Initiative.

Welcome and thank you to Louis-Philippe, Michèle and Dominique!


Job Postings

If a new career direction is in your plans for 2014 don’t forget to visit the Jobs portion of highlighting new positions in Montreal and abroad.

YCIF Montreal Executive Committee
Thomas Bachand // René Cormier // Vincent Décary // Simon Dupéré // Louis-Philippe Edger // Michèle Lefaivre // Maxime Tourangeau // Caitlin Rose // Tuan Tran