YCIF Founder Paul Desmarais 3rd reaches the North Pole with True Patriot Love Expedition

Date: Thursday, May, 1st 2014
Chapter: YCIF
Type: General information

Yesterday, April 30th, the True Patriot Love Expedition group, lead by our very own YCIF Founder, Paul Desmarais 3rd, reached the North Pole. Yes, literally the North Pole!

In support of True Patriot Love Foundation, a group of 24 corporate leaders in Canada raised sponsorships to be guided on an expedition and most difficult challenge of a lifetime by 12 injured and retired Canadian soldiers. The trip started in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, where they spent a few days to get acclimatized to the extreme cold and very thin air. They were then flown and dropped off 100km south of the Magnetic North Pole, strapped on their cross country skis and endured some of the most grueling conditions and coldest weather on earth in order to reach the North Pole.

Here is their live blog tracking the process of their return -

The expedition raised over $1.5Million for the True Patriot Love Foundation.

About True Patriot Love -
True Patriot Love is a foundation set up to help military members, veterans, and their families in coping with physical rehab, social wellbeing, and mental health.

Everyone at YCIF congratulates Paul and the entire TPL Expedition crew on an incredible accomplishment and wishes them a safe excursion home.